Our 15 BBL Brewing System

Our stainless steel brew house is 100% American made and was custom ordered from JV Northwest in Canby, Oregon. It is capable of producing 1,560 BBL’s of ale per year assuming a 14 day brew cycle.


Our beers are non-filtered, relying on the natural process of fermentation to clarify and enhance the flavor. Carbonating stones are used to produce the bubbles, but this is carefully monitored to allow the beer to retain its intended character. Each craft brew will be served in a specifically chosen vessel to further enhance flavor and drinking experience.



Our water is 100% pure Clear Creek County, Colorado snowmelt and rain runoff and is filtered on site to remove unwanted chlorine and metals. Select malted barley, hops and yeast strains are used to create brews meant to please the senses of sight, smell and taste.


In order to help preserve that natural resources that go into our process, we choose to use wind powered electricity.