Welcome to Westbound & Down's 2022 From The Vault.
You are officially a member of the 2022 club and we are happy to have you!  
Please find the details on your membership below and bookmark this page for quick access and updates throughout the year.

FTV Member Discount

When visiting our locations, please let your server know you are part of FTV and use the follow code to receive 10% off your purchase.


Discounts will be automatically applied to preorder pricing in the From the Vault member store.


Members will be notified via email regarding FTV bottle releases and presale events.

We plan to release From the Vault member bottles on a quarterly basis. We are unable to provide specific release dates.

We will be in touch once the first bottle is ready to be released.

Please be sure to add bottleclub@westboundanddown.com to your trusted contacts upon sign-up.


Please read all of the details provided so you never miss a pick-up.

Lafayette Location

This is the sole location for 2022-2023 FTV pickups

Westbound Mill (coming in 2021)
2755 Dagny Way #101, Lafayette, CO


Bottle Pick-Ups

Bottles must be picked-up within one month of release/order date.

Any bottles not picked-up within the one-month pick-up window will be forfeited.

Split Memberships

We are not adding split members to the mailing list and online orders. Discounts and pre-orders apply only to the primary registered member.


Please email bottleclub@westboundanddown.com with proxies at least 72 hours in advance of pick-up.

Proxies must be at least 21 years of age and present ID at pick-up.

We kindly ask that you limit proxy changes to no more than two per year.

We do not ship beer.



Questions regarding your membership?

Email: bottleclub@westboundanddown.com 

Please refrain from using social media, general email, etc for bottle club inquiries.


FTV Facebook Group

Unofficial Westbound & Down: From the Vault Facebook group where many members go share thoughts on beers and discuss all things Westbound. If you are interested in joining search for the group and request to join or ask a fellow member to be invited.